Maxim Carbo Cake
Maxim Carbo Cake
Maxim Energy Drinks

Maxim Carbo Cake is a delicious chocolate sports cake, rich in carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the most important energy source used by the human body during exercise. Research has shown that a limited supply of carbohydrates in the muscles (glycogen) is one of the most limiting factors regarding performance. It is very important to consume enough carbohydrates, a couple of hours before exercise as well as in your daily diet as an athlete.

Maxim Carbo Cake is ideal to optimize the glycogenstock in the muscles before exercise. One portion will give you 96,3 g high quality carbohydrates. One portion is 1/3 of a prepared Carbo Cake and equals almost 7 slices of bread!!! It will supply you with Maximum energy and many nutritional ingredients necessary for physical strain. It will give your muscles an extra energy impulse for a Maximum performance. Especially suited as a carbo loader before competition.

One portion contains up to 96,3 gram carbohydrates!

- Gives a Maximum energy build up before exercise

- An ideal carbo loader before competition

- Low in fat

- Easy digestible

- A delicious chocolate taste

- Also great as a healthy carbohydrate rich snack at any time to increase your daily

- arbohydrate intake

- The cake contains vitamin B1 which supports the transformation of carbohydrate into energy

- The cake is easy to prepare, just add water

- nd mix (see also How to use).


- This product is vegetarian friendly

- This product does not contain ingredients which are on the doping list

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