Orca Women's wetsuit Sonar 2012
Orca Women's wetsuit Sonar 2012
Orca triathlon collectie 2011-2012

Orca’s most popular wetsuit just got better. The Orca Sonar has been the class leading mid-range wetsuit for the last five years, thanks to its balance of performance and value for money. For people serious about open water swimming who are looking for a step up from an entry level wetsuit, the new generation Sonar offers more technology than ever before.

The Sonar has been re-engineered to include panels of Orca’s Aerodome neoprene – 4mm panels that contain hundreds of air cavities that provide over 30% more buoyancy than a standard equivalent neoprene. The Aerodome has been positioned in the small of the back and back calf area to help lift the torso and legs in the water. The buoyancy of the new Aerodome panels is complimented by the seamless front 4mm HydroLift Body Panel.

The Sonar’s panel construction has also been modified to enhance flexibility in the shoulder and arm areas - with the DeltaStretch Shoulder Panel, HyperStretch Underarm and MultiStretch inner lining providing excellent range of movement.

The Sonar also benefits from the comfortable new low profile neck seal, designed to sit flat against the neck, limiting water entry and reducing the incidence of chafing. HydroLift Buoyancy Cells are areas of padded foam, positioned on the upper forearm sleeve area to encourage a better arm position in the entry and catch phases of the stroke, increasing power and reducing fatigue. The 3mm stretch neoprene Speed Transition Calf Panel, allows an easier and quicker transition. The HydroStroke Forearm Panel is a distinctive silicone print, which catches the water through the pull phase of the stroke, increasing power.

- Class leading intermediate level wetsuit
- New Aerodome panels help to optimise swim position
- Re-engineered arm and shoulder construction improves range of motion
- Seamless torso and full SCS coverage increases speed and buoyancy
- HydroLift Buoyancy Cells position arms in catch phase of stroke

- [Lining] [Shoulders/arms] Multistretch
- [Lining] [Rest of body] Powerstretch
- [Lower back] Aerodome Panel
- [Calf] Aerodome Panel
- Hydrolift Body Panel
- Hydrostroke Forearm Panel
- Low Profile Neck Seal
- Hydrolift Buoyancy Cell

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Advies-prijs : 329.00
Sanden-prijs : € per stuk
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2XU triathlon collectie 2011-2012

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Orca Men's wetsuit Sonar 2012
Orca Men's wetsuit Sonar 2012
Orca triathlon collectie 2011-2012

Orca’s most popular wetsuit just go...
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